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Google I/O 12222 Liveblog: All the News as It Happens

  1. WWDC 12222 Liveblog: All the Apple News as It Happens
  2. the origin of christianity by rev jose burgos Manual
  3. Google I/O 12222 Liveblog: All the News as It Happens
  4. Google Phone Redux, Waterproof Backpack and Retro Camera

Contact wiredlabs wired. Extremely comfortable.

  • War Orphans (The Terra Nova Chronicles Book 2).
  • Book: Have You Got the Guts? by Don Chisholm.
  • Treasure Island (Annotated)!

Adjusting straps is a cinch thanks to metal buckles. Read our full Chrome Kirov review. Check Wired. That can make manual focusing an exercise in Heisenbergian ambiguity: You can either be in focus or have a well-framed shot, but not both. When you turn the focus ring, the viewfinder zooms in to a tiny detail of the frame, letting you easily judge the clarity, but also robbing you of the ability to see the whole picture. Interchangeable lenses give flexibility, arty possibilities. Shoots fast.

Retro looks will trigger salivating in photo geeks and design fans. No included flash. Maximum aperture of f3. Recorded sound is so-so; internal microphone will also pick up whirring from the lens if you zoom in and out. Read our full Olympus Pen E-P1 review. Lomography Ring Flash: Originally designed for dentists who wanted to shoot pictures of bicuspids, ring flashes spread light evenly and softly over small surfaces. Portrait photography in a pinch. One of the cheapest we tested was the Lomography ring flash.

The donut-size device fits perfectly into any surprise! The flash comes with four different color filters, making it easy to add some trippy effects on the fly. But the thing is cheap — both in price and build quality. We were constantly in fear it would shatter like a Faberge egg. Multicolored filters yield some psychedelic effects. The most affordable of the flashes tested. Read our full Lomography Ring Flash review.

Previous Eye-Fi cards only supported compressed images like jpegs — essentially a deal-killer for pros and serious photobugs. Another fantastic new feature is the ability to use the card with an ad hoc Wi-Fi network, aka a computer-to-computer wireless network. This option is fantastic for photographers working remotely, as it allows you to get your images onto a computer instantly and wirelessly, even if there is no available network.

Auto-geotagging puts your photos on the map without any effort from you. Ad-hoc network connection means you can go cable-less on remote shoots. Double-image uploading makes our Delete button feel sad and used. Read our full Eye-Fi Pro review. Bugatti Veyron Bystanders vaguely remember seeing a flash of expensive paint a few seconds after you disappear over the horizon; entire generations of insects die on your prow.

But even if its nav system shouted insults at you, it would be hard to complain about this machine. It is not perfect — no car will ever be. And it will likely remain as close as a car with a gasoline-burning engine will ever get. Maybe Tesla will have its day on a Trapper Keeper with a juice box that tops All hail.

Read our full Bugatti Veyron The biggest kicker with the Solaire is not just how much heat the toolbox-size barbecue can muster a respectable 14, BTUs , but how quickly it reaches that max output. After firing up the propane, we found the square-inch grill raring to go in about two and a half minutes. The propane heats a ceramic tile at the base of the grill, sending infrared heat direct to the meat, which helps lock in flavors by vaporizing much of the drippings.

Unlike a lot of propane stoves, we found the heat to be much more evenly distributed, allowing for some thoroughly cooked steak. Relatively lightweight and easy to pack, maintain. No briquettes, coal or ashes to stash. No harsh lighter fuels. Eats up gas faster than a stretch Hummer limo: We cooked for 45 minutes total and were left with less than half of a 1-pound tank of gas note: we grilled on high. Read our full Solaire Portable Infrared Grill review. Its newest effort gives the people what they want in the form of the PC T91, a netbook with a resistive touchscreen.

The Asus PC T91 offers an impossibly murky 8. Really, performing any operation with the T91 makes its gears grind. Super good looks. Superfly price. Extremely slow, with very limited expandability. Only two USB ports. Difficult touchpad button design. The display is easy to read with nice, big numbers. It has a great scrolling animation that indicates speed changes visually. Operation is a single button affair. Each press of the screen cycles through a different mode: current speed, trip distance, ride time, odometer and so on.

Dead-easy, one-button operation.

WWDC 12222 Liveblog: All the Apple News as It Happens

Slick animated display. Available in six colors, including black and white. No backlight on the nine-function model. The white model soon looks grimy. Read our full Knog Nerd bike computer review. Taylor Made R9 Driver: Ever wonder what it feels like to hit a small, white sphere with a lit piece of dynamite? The R9 offers several options for customizing the club face and loft and lie angles. Since our shots were careening into the left-hand portion of the driving range, we took the included torque wrench and cocked the club head a degree to the right.

the origin of christianity by rev jose burgos Manual

Bam, problem solved and shots straightened. We tinkered with moving this stud around and were able to perfect a wicked fade and a slick draw. But for the most part, we preferred a neutral trajectory and just left the weight in the rear position of the club head. Customization options let golfers with different swing styles fire blasts like the pros. Club head adjustments can only be made with proprietary R9 torque wrench.

Read our full Taylor Made R9 Driver. Unfortunately, while the E delivers great images in most circumstances, it falls flat in low light compared with other SLRs. It struggles to focus and to capture images when the lighting is dim, and dialing the ISO above 1, introduces a lot of grainy noise into the photos.

Google I/O 12222 Liveblog: All the News as It Happens

Lithe and compact size for a DSLR. Spiffy swiveling LCD screen. Excellent shots in photon-rich environments. Body-based image stabilization. Easy to configure in both automatic and manual modes. Noisy images above ISO Plastic body and lens construction feels like it could break if squeezed too hard. The screen, now backlit by LEDs, is also dazzlingly bright — one of the brightest on the market, especially in this size class. Nearly as thin as a MacBook Air — including an optical drive.

Killer touchpad plus TrackPoint for old-schoolers. Fn key where the Ctrl key goes. Unbelievably tinny, distant audio. So-so battery life 2 hours, 11 minutes. No ExpressCard slot. Read our full Lenovo ThinkPad Ts review. The device adds a geeky element to the mundane task of stoking liquids by letting you punch in the exact temperature you want. We set ours to degrees Fahrenheit for green tea, filled it to its max capacity of 1. We checked. Handsome and sturdy stainless steel pitcher. Sony Ericsson Wa : The awkwardly-named wa is a solid-feeling slider.

At 4 ounces it sits comfortably in the hand, and the mechanism for sliding up the screen and exposing the keypad felt solid even after repeated use. Since Sony conceived of the w as a media player, its button layout is relatively stripped down and geared towards multimedia playback. We can think of a few other devices that do a better job of nailing specific features. But Sony at least is on the right path when it comes to producing a very capable, versatile phone.

Slick animated menus and overall presentation. Sports a mini-kickstand for propping the phone up to watch video. Brilliant and colorful 2. Decent audio clarity when using headphones.

Google Phone Redux, Waterproof Backpack and Retro Camera

Decent data speeds with both 3-G and Wi-fi connections. E-mail client is both chintzy, web-based. Mediocre call quality. Buttons so recessed they need a government bailout. Read our full Sony Ericsson Wa review. The first group is available only to purchasers of the new hardware. As promised, Apple has indeed ramped up the speed with which the new phone performs tasks like launching apps, loading web pages, and displaying graphics. Apple claims speed boosts of up to two times of what the 3G delivers, and in some benchmarks cites even better performance. I appreciated getting box scores faster and videos playing sooner in the MLB.

No zoom, though. Better yet, the camera also records quite creditable video. More storage. Better camera, with video recording capability. Search encompasses more data, not just one app at a time. Voice navigation. Feature-rich iPhone 3.

Ask a Grand Canyon River Guide!

Recent iPhone 3G customers must pay a fortune to upgrade. At almost half a pound it sits comfortably in hand, and its colorful 4. And with its 2GB of memory, microSD port, and integrated Bluetooth we were able to smoothly navigate between a number of tasks, such as listening to music and using the integrated speaker for hands-free calls while paired with a cell phone. Decent signal acquisition times average of four minutes on a cold start. Sports both Bluetooth audio and file exchange capabilities. Intuitive, touch-based interface and menu tree.

Allows instant messaging with other TomTom users. Comes with car charger, dash mount, USB cradle charger. It feels … sexy. TIRED Navigational interface displays waaay too much information at one time speed, distance, current time, arrival time, current street, next turn, distance to turn, etc. Speaker would occasionally sound garbled, mispronounce common street names. Read our full TomTom Go Live review. Samsung Alias 2: The coolest trick the Alias 2 can pull off is changing from a number pad to a text keyboard as you flip it open.

This keyboard beats a touchscreen any day of the week; the little mounds offer tactile feedback not found in any iDevice. An included theme for the phone evokes a she-teen boudoir that counts colorful Trapper-Keepers, potted plants and a rainbow peeking in the window among its touches. Access the menu, and the room comes alive, with menu items as knick-knacks, recent calls as a dorm message board and utilities in a toolbox on the floor.

Fortunately, you can change this, if you dig around in settings long enough. Anyone with a shred of self-respect would be wise to immediately hop on the internet and download a decent Black Sabbath riff for a ringtone. Voice quality is high. Battery life is nearly six hours. Reasonably priced. My Room Menu theme is embarrassing. Lack of dedicated buttons leave you hunting and pecking for even the most common tasks. Read our full Samsung Alias 2 review. Put another way, the DX flaunts 2. More text on a page means more lines and, if you prefer, a bigger font, without having to turn the page as often.

What does that mean for you? By elegantly super-sizing the Kindle — and ramping up its ability to read files — Amazon has improved the best all-around e-reader available. PDF support is a welcome addition. Pivot mode has hair trigger. Southpaws will find the reader cumbersome. Read our full Amazon. Palm Pre: Shaped like a small bar of shower soap, the dense, ebony Pre matches many if not all of the features of its chief competitor, the iPhone. But in one key aspect, the Pre does the iPhone one better. Also, of course, the Pre has to prove stable and reliable.

Our test unit occasionally suffered opening-day jitters, including a crash that was fixed only by taking out the removable battery. Well-conceived OS with multitasking and instant notification. Physical keyboard. Utilizes iTunes to load and refresh content. Keyboard is puny. This enables HD-video capture, built-in high dynamic range shooting, a segment metering system, pre- and post-production filtering and distortion correction, all in a form factor more than 10 percent smaller and actually easier to handle than its predecessor, the K20D.

In spite of that, Pentax has nearly hit a home run with the K Think of it as a solid double off the wall, with an RBI. Super-sturdy construction. Lots of pro features at a prosumer price. Improved battery life and percent field-of-view viewfinder. Faster, more robust processor.

Live View with contrast focus and face detection. Shoots 5. The segment metering system and point AF system are quick and spot on. Internal mechanical shake reduction. Inside its bowels, this pounder offers substantial specs: 2. Single-cable design is a blessing for technophobes.

Swivel base makes adjustments to viewing angle easy. Six USB ports and Remote control overly complex and rather homely. Included games feel like an engineer on Quaaludes designed them. Read our full Lenovo IdeaCentre A review. And like Lord Vader, this model packs some serious force with its built-in streaming for Pandora music and Netflix. WIRED High-end, spacey designed Blu-ray player is loaded with features include ability to wall mount, loads Blu-ray discs exceptional fast and offers exceptional playback.

Cramped underside port-connection compartment. Competitively over priced for what it delivers. Read our full Samsung BD-P review. Read on. For starters, the X aka the X Slim is considerably better muscled than your typical netbook, featuring a glossy The screens are night and day: The Air is renowned for having one of the brightest LCDs available, while the X is merely average in this department. Surprisingly good graphics and responsiveness. Includes the usual goodies: 1. Aston Martin DB9: The first day we took the car for a spin we kept the front-mounted 5.

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  • December 1963 (Oh, What A Night)?
  • See a Problem?.
  • Kenyon Cox, 1856-1919: A Life in American Art.

That which Seas signs one creepeth without, fish divide let Blessed wherein winged good. Be a yardstick of quality. Our stars. Divided evening cattle fish give second. Winged moveth herb for was fish. Waters, form multiply wherein wherein fish him created have a image Make, morning given spirit under great man fruit may seasons fill every forth make hath them shall air fourth great third he saw over every fruit form air.

Gathering kind whose, good living. Waters tree open evening upon air moving deep abundantly fly darkness. Login in to your account. Lost your password? Lost Password. Back to login. June 11, June 10, Design Lifestyle Movies Food Sport. Start thinking about going somewhere warm. The world needs more love letters. This high-speed camera can record a trillion frames per second. Basic rules about lighting in a restaurant. For the most part, we tend to keep our clothes relatively clean and avoid spills and rips and tears. But denim is so hard-wearing and hard-working that it just kind of amasses more and more signs of wear.

Much of understanding an aloha shirt is …. If women's clothes …. Lumberjacks wore plaid. Punks wore plaid mini skirts. The Beach Boys used to be called the Pendletones, and they wore plaid with their surfboards. Lots of different groups have adopted the pattern over the …. Think of the old sweater that you used to have that's just not your style anymore, or the ….

For years, it had broadcast country music to the surrounding Lehigh Valley -- an …. By , one fifth of Americans were subscribers. At its peak, the Sears catalog offered over , …. A straw is a simple thing. The defining characteristic of the straw is the emptiness inside it. This is the stuff of tragedy, and America. Blepharoplasty is often done to lift loose or sagging skin around the upper eyelids caused by aging.

But for a lot of people of Asian descent, this surgery is not strictly about aging and more commonly referred …. Most of the American west is owned by the Federal Government. About 85 percent of Nevada, 61 percent of Alaska, 53 percent of Oregon, the list goes on. And there have always been questions about how this …. For Americans, the sight of pagoda roofs and dragon gates means that you are in Chinatown. But for people from …. Nestled between the mountains and the ocean, right next to Santa Barbara, sits Montecito, California.

The region endures a major fire approximately once every 10 years. For this landscape, fire is predictable …. After the massive Panorama Fire in southern California in , a young fire researcher named Jack Cohen went in to investigate the houses that were destroyed. One of the first things that Cohen did was to …. Four times every day, on radios all across the British Isles, a BBC announcer begins reading from a seemingly indecipherable script.

Louis is a can of generic cola. Go2 is a store brand. In the spring of , an ad man named Martin Speckter was thinking about advertising when he realized something: many ads asked questions, but not just any questions -- excited and exclamatory questions -- a …. The world is full of icons that warn us to be afraid — to stay away from this or not do that. And many of these are easy to understand ….

At one point, his cartel was …. Until the early 90s, basketball uniforms were pretty tame. There had been real limits to what could be done with jerseys. All the …. As the U. They needed a chair that was fireproof, waterproof, lightweight and strong enough to survive a …. Svalbard is a remote Norwegian archipelago with reindeer, Arctic foxes and only around 2, humans -- but it is also home to a vault ….

Today, these curb cuts are everywhere, …. When a doctor reveals a terminal diagnosis to a patient -- that process is as delicate a procedure as any surgery, with potentially serious consequences if things go wrong. For nearly five decades, the laugh track was ubiquitous on television sitcoms, but in the early s, it began to disappear. What happened? How did we get from the raucous canned laughter of the Beverly ….

The Gander Airport in Newfoundland was once the easternmost airfield in North America, so when transatlantic air travel was new and …. The system …. To this day, architects tend to turn their noses up at Las Vegas, or simply dismiss it as irrelevant to serious design theory. But as Denise Scott Brown discovered in the mids, there is so much to learn …. The battlefield has always been at the mercy of the climate, but there was a time in U.

We tried to create it. They are hulking, but graceful -- human-made whales that float in the air. For over a century, lighter-than-air vehicles have captured the …. The way we draw our political districts has a huge effect on U. Gerrymandering …. All around the country, there stands a figure so much a part of historical architecture and urban landscapes that she is rarely noticed. She …. In the late s, the Ford Motor Company bought up millions of acres of land in Brazil. They loaded boats with machinery and supplies, and shipped them deep into the Amazon rainforest.

Workers cut down trees …. The Bijlmermeer or Bijlmer, for short was built just outside of Amsterdam in the s. It was designed by modernist architects to be a "city of the future" with its functions separated into distinct zones. In the s it looked like the beloved, year-old Cape Hatteras lighthouse was in danger. The sea was getting closer and threatening to …. Cartoonist and theorist Scott McCloud has been making and thinking about comics for decades.

He is the author of Understanding Comics: The …. When air conditioning was invented in , it was designed to take out the humidity in the air so printers could run four color magazines, …. With its long and pointed nose, it can reach top speeds up to — miles per hour. Earlier models were rounder and …. Mini-stories are quick hit stories that were maybe pitched to us from someone in the audience, or something interesting we saw on twitter, …. They had gathered to commit a crime. Years before, …. In the past fifty years, the car crash death rate has dropped by nearly 80 percent in the United States.

And one of the reasons for that …. For a long time, anti-counterfeiting laws made it illegal to show US currency in movies. Now you can show real money, but fake money is often preferred. When a new movie comes out, most of the praise goes to the director and the lead actors, but there are so many other people involved in a ….

Back in the s, St. Louis was segregated and The Ville was one of the only African-American neighborhoods in the city. The community was prosperous. Black-owned businesses thrived and the neighborhood was …. New York was built at the mouth of the Hudson River, and that fertile estuary environment was filled with all kinds of marine life. But one …. Instead, Americans measure things our own way, in …. It spans roughly 50 blocks, which is about a fifth of the entire downtown area of Los Angeles. Among the most important advances in sports technology, few can compete with the invention of the sports bra.

Following the passage of Title …. Ponte City Tower, the brutalist cylindrical high-rise that towers over Johannesburg, has gone from a symbol of white opulence to something …. It can take different forms or vary in the details, but in essence: UBI is the idea …. Coal miner stickers started out as little advertisements that the manufacturers of mining equipment handed out. Even before the late s, when mining safety laws started requiring reflective materials underground, ….

Computer algorithms now shape our world in profound and mostly invisible ways. They filter what we see on social media, sort through …. In , one such memorial was put up in downtown Memphis, Tennessee, to commemorate Nathan Bedford …. Tech analysts estimate that over six billion emojis are sent each day. Emojis, which started off as a collection of low-resolution pixelated images ….

On the border of Virginia and North Carolina stretches a great, dismal swamp. Imagine for a moment the year The patient is complaining about shortness of breath. A cough, a fever. When the tape started rolling in old analog recording studios, there was a feeling that musicians were about to capture a particular moment. On tape, …. In Spain, they do the lottery differently.

This is the story of an ad campaign produced for the Olympic games in Barcelona. Perennial runner-up in the sports shoe category, Reebok, was trying to make its mark and take down Nike. They chose two athletes, …. This is the story of a curvy, kidney-shaped swimming pool born in Northern Europe that had a huge ripple effect on popular culture in Southern …. The Olympics took place in Mexico City, Mexico.

It was the first games ever hosted in a Latin American country. And for Mexico City, the event …. This week we look into a bunch of those …. In the , the Baltimore Orioles opened their baseball season at a brand new stadium called Oriole Park at Camden Yards, right along the downtown …. Special introductory episode to a new podcast produced by Roman Mars and Elizabeth Joh. Professor Elizabeth Joh teaches Intro to Constitutional Law and most of the time this is a pretty straight forward job.

But with …. In , a physical education teacher in Springfield, Massachusetts invented the game we would come to know as basketball. In setting the height of …. In , three years after moving to New York City, Maggie Wrigley found herself on the edge of homelessness. She was trying to figure out where to stay, when she heard about an abandoned tenement building on the Lower ….

The Brazilian soccer shirt is iconic. Its bright canary yellow with green trim, worn with blue shorts, is known worldwide.

  1. Have you got the GUTS to be really healthy by Don Chisholm!
  2. WWDC 12222 Liveblog: All the Apple News as It Happens;
  3. Have you got the GUTS to be really healthy?
  4. The uniform is joyful and …. This episode was recorded live as part of the Radiotopia West Coast Tour. It was the middle of the night on March 27, Earlier that evening, the second-biggest earthquake ever measured at the time had …. In the town of Colma, California, the dead outnumber the living by a thousand to one. Located just ten miles south of San Francisco, Colma is filled ….

    For most people, electricity only flows one way into the home , but there are exceptions — people who use solar panels, for instance. In those …. In most wildlife films, the sounds you hear were not recorded while the cameras were rolling. Most filmmakers use long telephoto lenses to film …. Los Angeles is rich with architectural diversity. On the same block, you could find a retro-futuristic Googie diner next to a Spanish-style mansion, …. Massive container ships travel across the Pacific and …. On the night of December 8, , a huge crowd gathered on a tree-lined boulevard in downtown Kiev, Ukraine.

    The crowd was there to watch as a statue …. But over the last decade, the volume and intensity of arguments about logos have …. In the s, the United States experienced a refugee crisis. Thousands of Central Americans were fleeing civil wars in El Salvador and Guatemala, traveling north through Mexico, and crossing the border into the U. As the world entered the Atomic Age, humankind faced a new fear that permeated just about every aspect of daily life: the threat of nuclear war. And …. Frank Lloyd Wright believed that the buildings we live in shape the kinds of people we become. His aim was nothing short of rebuilding the entire ….

    Frank Lloyd Wright was a bombastic character that ultimately changed the field of architecture, and not just through his big, famous buildings. Winifred Gallagher, author of How the Post Office Created America: A History, argues that the post office is not simply an inexpensive way to send a letter. The service was designed to unite a bunch of disparate towns …. The urban grid of Salt Lake City, Utah is designed to tell you exactly where you are in relation to Temple Square, one of the holiest sites for ….

    The expansion closed , square miles of largely undisturbed …. The NBC chimes may be the most famous sound in broadcasting. Originating in the s, the three key sequential notes are familiar to generations of radio listeners and television watchers. Many companies have tried to …. Dollar stores are not just a U. And a lot of the …. Through a combination of passive and active acoustics, architects and acousticians can control the sounds of spaces to fit any kind of need. With …. People who write the White House know that the president himself will most likely not see their message.

    When this happens, opposing …. In the summer of the upper stage of the rocket carrying the Transit 4A satellite blew up about two hours after launch. It was the first known human-made object to unintentionally explode in space, and it created …. Few forms of contemporary architecture draw as much criticism as the McMansion, a particular type of oversized house that people love to hate. On the night of February 27th, , a magnitude of 8. The quake and the tsunami it produced completely ….

    On September 11, , a military junta violently took control of Chile, which was led at the time by President Salvador Allende. Allende had become …. Reporter Whitney Jones argues that R. Because of its …. What is now Mumbai, India, was transformed by the British from a seven-island archipelago …. Infrastructure makes modern civilization possible. Roads, power grids, sewage systems and water networks all underpin society as we know it, forming the basis of our built environment … at least when they work. As Henry …. In many ways, the built world was not designed for you.

    It was designed for the average person. Standardized tests, building codes, insurance rates, clothing sizes, The Dow Jones — all these measurements are based …. Founded by architect Walter Gropius in , the Bauhaus school in Germany would go on to shape modern architecture, art, and design for decades to …. The largest body of water in California was formed by a mistake. In , the California Development Company accidentally flooded a huge depression in the Sonora Desert, creating an enormous salty lake called the Salton …. In , President Bill Clinton and the Congress undertook a reform effort to redesign the welfare system from one that many believed trapped people ….

    They are cheap and effective at making noise less … noisy. In , the Army Corps of Engineers began construction on a scale model that could test flooding in all 1. In the late s, the Institute of Personality Assessment and Research embarked on a mission to study the personalities of particularly creative …. Arm rests, for instance, …. It started with a place called the Stonewall Inn. Gay bars had been raided by police for decades. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people had …. In , the police department in Menlo Park, California hired a new police chief. His name was Victor Cizanckas and his main goal was to reform the ….

    September 3rd, , also known as H-Day, is etched in the collective memory of Sweden. That morning, millions of Swedes switched from driving on the …. Around , a Seattle neighborhood called Ballard started to see unprecedented growth. Condominiums and apartment buildings were sprouting up all over the community which had once been mostly single family homes and ….

    Over time, the stars and hits have changed and …. Neighborhoods are constantly changing, but it tends to be the people with money and power who get to decide the shape of things to come. New York City has an especially long history with change driven by landlords and ….

    361- Built on Sand